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The Dangers of Smoking Cigarettes While Pregnant

August 6, 2010 by  
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The sad fact is cigarette smoking is part of many of our lives, regardless of whether we smoke or not. Unfortunately, this includes unborn babies as well. Surveys show that many mothers still smoke cigarettes during their pregnancy. Most likely these women are unaware of how harmful cigarette smoking truly is on their unborn baby […]

Tips On Talking To Kids About Not Smoking

July 31, 2010 by  
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Any time parents spend with their kids can be a good time to talk about not smoking cigarettes-and if it seems hard to find the time, maybe it’s a good idea for parents to set a date. It’s important to set up special times to talk to your kids about critical issues like not smoking, […]

Teenage Nicotine Addiction: Smoking Away Young Lives

July 26, 2010 by  
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Because of advertisements and other forms of media that promote smoking, many teens think it is okay and cool to smoke. And the result is that many teens are getting addicted to nicotine and cigarettes. All over the world, smoking begins as a teenage experience. Few smokers have begun smoking as adults. In the United […]